Membership Benefits

Company Phone Service Site
A.G. Edwards & Sons 800-224-5708 Investments VIEW
Avis :: 800-831-8000 Auto Rentals VIEW
Grand Circle Cruise Line 800-321-2835 Travel Agency VIEW
H & R Block 800-472-5625 Stock Trading VIEW
Hertz Car Rental :: CDP# 1120749 800-654-2210 Auto Rentals VIEW
Job Target 888-575-WORK Employment Agency VIEW
Nixon Peabody 401-454-1000 Intellectual Property VIEW
Patelco 800-358-8228 Banking & Loans VIEW
So Cal Automobile Assn (AAA) 800-400-4222 Auto Insurance Discount VIEW
Technology Training Corporation 310-320-8110 Conferences VIEW


  • “Academy Hall of Fame” annual TV gala 3rd week in February
  • AIE Councils, County Organizations
  • AIE Summits
  • Certification Program
  • Colleaguesmanship
  • Contacts with other associations
  • Diplomat Title
  • FIST Awards, TV
  • Intellectual Property Attorney Services: Patents, Copyrights, Licenses, Trademarks, etc.
  • Investment Clubs with Competitions
  • “LA Engineer” — a comedy-drama series about how we do what we do
  • Lobbying
  • Narrative Directory of Professionals
  • Multi-Disciplines
  • National Organization
  • Non-Technical
  • Alumni Directory, a Statistical Directory of Graduates by: Degree, Discipline, and Year, by Institution
  • Geographical Directory, a Statistical Directory of Engineers by: Discipline and Level, by County
  • Placement resources
  • Political endorsements
  • Professions Day
  • Referrals
  • Seal of Approval Awards (TV) for products
  • Seal of Approval Awards (TV) for individuals